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Recipe: Appetizing Kafir Lime Tart

Kafir Lime Tart.

Kafir Lime Tart You can cook Kafir Lime Tart using 9 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Kafir Lime Tart

  1. You need of Biscuit Base.
  2. It’s 150 g of digestive biscuits.
  3. Prepare 2 tbsp of brown sugar.
  4. It’s 5-8 tbsp of melted butter.
  5. Prepare of Lime Curd.
  6. It’s 1 Can of condensed milk.
  7. It’s 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice.
  8. It’s 2 of heaped tbsp of lime zest.
  9. It’s 3-4 of egg yolks.

Kafir Lime Tart instructions

  1. Pound or blend biscuits. Add in sugar and butter to form moist crumbs..
  2. Line side of pie dish. I used a 18cm pie dish and had leftover crumbs and curd to make 5 more muffin sized tarts. It's really up to you if u want to line the sides of the pie. I tried both and equally delicious. The pie crust will help to cut away some of the acidity..
  3. Bake the base for 15min at 180deg.
  4. Whisk egg yolks till light and fluffy..
  5. Add in condensed milk slowly, followed by lime juice and zest..
  6. Pour into tart base or muffin trays. Curd won't really expand much. So you may fill to the top..
  7. Lick the spoon and bowl! It's reallly soooo gooood that you can take the risk of contracting salmonella from the raw egg yolks. Lol.
  8. Bake for 15-20min in 180deg oven till just set or when curd is slightly wobbly when shaken..
  9. Cool to room temp on wire rack then transfer to fridge. You may eat at room temp if you prefer it with a stronger lime taste.!.
  10. Optional: you may serve with thinly sliced lime garnish, or whipped cream. If you are gung-ho enough. Whip up the egg whites with some sugar to form a meringue and bake together with the tart!.

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