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How to Make Perfect Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary

Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary. Rosemary Garlic Steak Recipe (Pan Seared). Pan Fried Ribeye Steak with Butter – PoorMansGourmet. Although a porterhouse steak is more commonly seared in a pan, then cooked in the oven, you can also pan-fry porterhouse if you're short on time.

Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary So, as I mentioned just moments ago, this steak recipe involves both Once the steak is in the pan, common practice is to let it brown on one side without disturbing it, and then Loved the rosemary/garlic butter on the steak and the asparagus!! Pluck rosemary and thyme leaves from their sprigs. Transfer steaks to a freezer bag and add herbs, garlic, and olive oil. You can cook Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary

  1. Prepare of Porterhouse steak.
  2. It’s of Salt and pepper.
  3. Prepare of Fresh rosemary.
  4. It’s 1 Tbs of butter.
  5. It’s 6 cloves of garlic.

Once pre-heated, remove steaks from freezer bag and transfer them to the pan, together with herbs and garlic. Rosemary and Garlic Fingerling Potatoes: Split potatoes in half and place in medium size bowl. Starting with the thicker part of the rosemary stem, skewer the potatoes. Steak recipes don't come much easier than this five-ingredient skillet Add butter and beans to skillet; heat through.

Pan Fried Porterhouse Steak w/ Garlic Butter and Rosemary instructions

  1. Rub steak with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat olive oil in a pan on high heat.
  3. Cook steak on one side for 2-3 minutes and turn over.
  4. .
  5. Add chopped garlic, rosemary and butter.
  6. When butter is melted and Rosemary is fragrant, tilt the pan and spoon the garlic and butter over the steak and cook to your liking..

Top steaks with garlic and serve with beans. Ahhhh Rosemary Garlic Steak….one of my FAVORITE steak recipes. It is tender, juicy & full of flavor both inside and out. I don't eat red meat often but when I do, it's usually steak! When I eat a good steak I feel like a savage beast, enjoying.

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