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How to Prepare Perfect Moi moi

Moi moi. Moi moi (beans pudding) is one of such Nigerian foods that are loved by every Nigerian. It is made of beans and some other local ingredients. The recipe for beans pudding is not as straight forward as the.

Moi moi Moi Moi can be very challenging to prepare because everything is mixed off the stove before cooking. If you get the mixing wrong, there is no going back once you start cooking. Группы Видео Музыка. Elle c'est une belle gosse belle gosse. You can cook Moi moi using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Moi moi

  1. Prepare 2 cups of beans.
  2. It’s of Onions.
  3. You need of Scotch bonnet.
  4. It’s of Chilli pepper.
  5. Prepare of Seasoning.
  6. It’s of Oil.
  7. It’s of Leafs.

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Moi moi instructions

  1. Wash and peel off the beans.
  2. Deseed the chilli pepper.
  3. Blend the beans with onions and pepper until smooth.
  4. Add seasoning, salt oil.
  5. Wrap it in a banana leaf and cook until done ✅.

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