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Recipe: Yummy Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa)

Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa).

Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa) You can cook Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa) using 19 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa)

  1. Prepare of For the soup.
  2. It’s of Mutton (Ram meat) or any meat of your choice.
  3. You need of Biscuit bones.
  4. It’s of Quarter cup of kuka (baobab leaves).
  5. It’s Half of cup of palm oil.
  6. Prepare Half of cup of blended tomatoes, pepper, onion and tatasai.
  7. It’s 1 of rap of Stuck fish.
  8. You need 2 of big size Dry fish.
  9. You need Half of cup cray dish.
  10. Prepare of Quarter cup of blended crayfish.
  11. You need 1 clove of garlic.
  12. Prepare Half of teaspoon of ginger.
  13. Prepare 1 of ball of okpehe (dawadawa/locust beans).
  14. You need cubes of Seasoning.
  15. Prepare to taste of Salt.
  16. Prepare of For the tuwon shinkafa.
  17. Prepare 2 cups of jasmine rice.
  18. It’s 4 cups of water.
  19. Prepare 2 table spoon of vegetable oil.

Baobab soup (miyar kuka) $ Jasmice rice swallow (Tuwon Shinkafa) instructions

  1. Wash the meat, biscuit bones, stuck fish, dry fish and put in a pot, slice onions, ginger,garlic, seasoning cubes, salt and allow to cook for 30-35 minutes.
  2. In another pot add the palm onion and a little slice of onions and heat the oil, then add the blended tomatoes, pepper, tatasai and onions and fry for 5 minutes and add the meat stock and okpehe and bring to boil..
  3. Add the baobab to the boiling mixture and turning with a wooden spoon preferably to avoid lumps, add seasoning cubes and salt to taste allow to cook for five minutes and turn off the heat..
  4. Add 4 cups of water to a pot add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and bring to boil. Then add the washed Jasmine rice cook till very smooth then keep turning till very a thick constituency is achieve. Allow to cook for 2 minutes and turn off the heat. Roll in a calabash/polythene and put in a serving plate.
  5. Serve with the soup.

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