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Recipe: Tasty Homemade greek yoghurt

Homemade greek yoghurt. This is the easy way to make homemade Greek yogurt overnight in your oven. Check out my blog post on the subject for more details. Use your freshly made Greek yogurt to make this easy Homemade Tzatziki, Spinach Artichoke Dip, or Can you make Greek yogurt with skim milk?

Homemade greek yoghurt What's the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? How long does it take to make yogurt? Do I need a yogurt maker to make yogurt? You can cook Homemade greek yoghurt using 2 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Homemade greek yoghurt

  1. It’s 2 litres of full fat milk.
  2. It’s 125 g of Greek yoghurt.

Learning how to make Greek yogurt at home is simple with this easy homemade Greek yogurt recipe. Start by making homemade yogurt by heating milk, combining with a little bit of. Want to make it into thick, creamy Greek yogurt? Line a strainer or colander with cheesecloth.

Homemade greek yoghurt step by step

  1. I use my Thermomix (Bimby) but making it the conventional way is also easy. You will need a good food thermometer and a cheese cloth..
  2. If using thermomix – heat the milk for 20 mins at 85°C speed 2..
  3. Conventional way: Heat 2 litres of milk gently until it reaches 85°C stirring occasionally so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the saucepan..
  4. I use full fat milk to get the really thick creaminess consistency..
  5. Let it cool down to 37°C -35°C. Take 125g of good Greek yoghurt (not Greek style but authentic Greek yoghurt) and add to a jug with a few ladles of the cooled milk. Stir gently until you get a smooth paste. Add to the cooled down milk and gently stir..
  6. Now if you’re lucky enough to have an Instapot then select the yoghurt function and forget about it for 9 hours or so..
  7. If not, transfer to a bowl with a lid (you can seal with cling film) and place in a warming place for 9-10 hours. It is VERY important not to move the bowl whilst it’s setting. I used to put it in a fridge bag and place in the airing cupboard overnight..
  8. The next morning place the bowl In the fridge to help it set. I tend to leave mine all day in there. Next step is to get a colander and a bowl and place a cheese cloth in it. Gently ladle the yoghurt into the cheese cloth to eliminate the whey. I leave mine in the fridge until all of the whey is drained. You can choose how long you want to leave it draining depending on the thickness you like your yoghurt..
  9. Enjoy 😊.

Double it up if the cheesecloth's. Homemade greek yogurt recipe with instructions and picture tutorial. All you need is milk and How to make homemade greek yogurt. First thing to do is to take a gallon of milk – you can use. Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt – Happy Simple Living.

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