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How to Prepare Delicious Root Beer Moonshine

Root Beer Moonshine. If you like root beer you are going LOVE this alcoholic adult beverage recipe for Crock-Pot Root Beer Moonshine! Everclear grain alcohol or vodka is sweetened and flavored with root beer extract for this. #rootbeermoonshine #philbillymoonshine #moonshine Making root beer moonshine it is super simple just add some root beer flavored candy. […]

How to Make Appetizing Beer and rosemary chicken roast

Beer and rosemary chicken roast. This is the best chicken recipe ever, crispy on the outside and so very moist on the inside. It is a family favourite, and my kids can't get enough of it. This quick-and-easy, simple-and-delicious roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary is perfect for a weeknight sheet pan dinner or when […]

Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Brad's lobster, shrimp, beer mac n' cheese

Brad's lobster, shrimp, beer mac n' cheese. This lobster & shrimp mac n cheese is FULL of lobster and shrimp. I definitely didn't skimp on the pieces and there's definitely some in every bite. The cheese I used was a Kerrygold Killaree cheddar cheese and I also used gruyere cheese. It was like a foreign […]

Recipe: Delicious Beer Cheese Chicken and Veggies

Beer Cheese Chicken and Veggies. Made with gluten-free flour and beer, this crispy, golden, gluten-free fried chicken dinner is one that everyone can enjoy! All Reviews for Gluten-Free Beer Battered Chicken and Veggies. Besides beer and cheese, a few essential ingredients turn this soup into the rich, nutrient loaded, flavor packed delicacy that it is. […]