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Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Venison nuggets in mushroom gravy

Venison nuggets in mushroom gravy. While just about any cut of venison can be utilized, I usually choose the tenderloin, as that is easily the tastiest, and most desired piece of venison ever available. This is an easy dish as there are no special seasoning or marinating steps required. This recipe is for the natural […]

Recipe: Appetizing Cowpea beans , potato and brinjal Puli kulambu / tamarind based gravy

Cowpea beans , potato and brinjal Puli kulambu / tamarind based gravy. Easy and quick recipe of making this delicious brinjal puli kulambu for rice and etc… Music used in this video: Music : Sweet Healthy and taste Making Cluster Beans tamarind gravy/kothavarangai puli kulambu in ur Healthy Homemade cooking HHMC Tamil Vlogs. Similar Recipes, […]

Recipe: Yummy Sorakai kulambu (Bottle gourd gravy)

Sorakai kulambu (Bottle gourd gravy). Friends, this gravy can be made instantly and tastes absolutely delicious. Try making these gravy at home and take a break from the traditional gravy. Add the pressure cooked beans and bottle gourd, turmeric and salt. Bottle Gourd Kootu/Sorakkai Kootu is very simple to prepare and tastes awesome. This can […]