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How to Make Delicious Moist Chicken Ham with Shio-Koji!

Moist Chicken Ham with Shio-Koji!. All thanks to Shio Koji, I get an umami-packed delicious chicken on the table with minimal effort. You will want to have it in your. Instructions: Put the chicken, shio koji, and garlic in a large plastic bag and massage ingredients together. Shio-koji, the salt-fermented rice koji, works beautifully as […]

Recipe: Delicious Flour and Fat Free Moist Kabocha Squash Cake

Flour and Fat Free Moist Kabocha Squash Cake. Fluffy and Moist Kabocha & Chocolate Butter Cake 秋だもん。南瓜とチョコのパウンドケーキ luxurious cake that you can bake by just mixing the ingredients! Try one of these amazing kabocha squash recipes and you'll be wondering where this veggie has been all Layered with coconut milk and kabocha, the result is […]